Thank you - parents, players, coaches, and administrators - for another strong and successful season for the Wellington City Pirates 16U team! 



Our Brendon Motors Karori 16U team battled all season and we finished a respectable 7-7 overall, claiming third place among six teams in a highly competitive league. That’s even more impressive when you consider we were outscored by our opponents 79-47 over the full season. 

We were able to stand strong, compete, and win so many games due to a time-tested Pirates formula of outstanding starting pitching (first pitch strikes!), solid defense (move your feet!), and timely hitting (look for your pitch!).  Most of all, when we made mistakes, we did not hang our heads or get down on our teammates. We picked them up and battled back as a team.


I love our character and resilience and positivity.  We played together, through Welly’s wild winds, steady unrelenting rain, and a covid outbreak that decimated our club.  We added several new, exciting players, including two future stars from the 13U team who proved they belong with the big boys. 

Through it all, we stayed together and played together as friends and teammates, and we learned a lot about the game and about ourselves along the way.  


It takes a village to run a successful baseball club and I am very proud of the way our community supported our players on the field.  We were blessed to have no less than five parents volunteer several hours of their time every week to serve as coaches, instructors, webmaster, official scorer, and umpire.  We could not have had a season at all without you.  Thank you. 


I’m excited to watch the players and the club grow and develop in the years ahead.  

Best wishes,

Coach Kevin



ONWARD!  🏴‍☠️ 💛🖤


Article added: Sunday 7 April 2022



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